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White, the trio reunited at the most recent Goddamn Comedy Jam, a monthly comedy event. Thank you @thetomeverettscott @johnschaech @ethanembry. We reunited The Wonders aka The Oneders from the movie That Thing You Do.

And the open relationship she has with her 3 daughters is also quite amusing as discussions of sex crop up although it does go to far and becomes cringe worthy when we have Milly trying to describe to her mother what an orgasm feels like.But whilst "Because I Said So" does go too far in trying to be amusingly cutesy it does feature some nice performances with Diane Keaton being amusing for being intentionally over the top when it comes to being Daphne.I say intentionally because I can't imagine for one minute that Keaton was trying to be real with her over the top antics and in many ways is similar to the performance she delivered in her previous movie "Surrender, Dorothy".As I said for all the creativity about Daphne choosing a suitor "Because I Said So" is a very routine romantic comedy.But whilst a routine romantic comedy "Because I Said So" is also a movie which is full of comedy with some of it being quite good.

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Last night, three-fourths of The Oneders reunited to play “That Thing You Do,” and our nostalgic hearts exploded.

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