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For the motor, it is a GTO 6.0 LS2, low mileage at that, so it looks extremely clean inside out.The 243 heads were the first to come off though and a pair SD L92 heads preassembled w springs for .600 lift will go on as soon as we have put a XR281HR off-the-shelf cam into the engine.Welcome to live streaming of the adventures and cuteness of adoptable cats at PAWS! Our Cat Cam will live-stream video from one of the cat colonies at PAWS Cat City during our opening hours, which are as follows: Monday: 12 noon–6 p.m. Very solid piece, and designed so that if the polyurethane piece breaks, the bolt will still retain the engine where it belong, instead of dropping somewhere onto the bottom crossmember and steering rack.It is also marked up nicely so the customer doesn't have to waste time figuring out which side and way it goes in.

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This build thread will document the steps of upgrading an LS2 engine with L92 heads, then dropping the engine into a 350Z.

A lot of the engine planning has been done by research on this forum, so filtering all the info available I am hoping we're making some good calls based on what's been written about here. We ran E85 before with great results, and the plan is to do the same here.

Injectors from Fiveo Motorsport will handle the needed flow up to 800 hp (for future turbo boost on this engine).

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Less risk for blockage or damage and gives a good insight and change to inspect and lube them with assembly lube, to help the cam get broken in gently.

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