Java trans attr non updating

For example, it may be important to your application to ensure that every user provides a valid email address and mailing address.

Model-level validations are the best way to ensure that only valid data is saved into your database.

In both cases however, if refresh-on-insert or update setting is set on an attribute which is a primary key attribute, then this method will fail to fetch the entity as the primary key in the database for the equivalent row would have potentially changed.

If that's true, then subclasses need to implement this method and perform "custom" sql to fetch the refresh-attrs based on some unique criteria for this entity.

This helper validates that the attribute's value is unique right before the object gets saved.

You can do anything you like to check for valid data within the block.

If your validation fails, you should add an error message to the model, therefore making it invalid.

This method validates that a checkbox on the user interface was checked when a form was submitted.

This is typically used when the user needs to agree to your application's terms of service, confirm that some text is read, or any similar concept.

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This means that it's possible to save an object in the database in an invalid state if you aren't careful.

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