Glass dating parents to stop minor dating older people

Pros Ridiculously smart and talented people in engineering and product.

"Feel good" mission, they actually care about matching people up, having a good product, delivering a good user experience.

Cons People who aren't used to working in small teams tend to flame out; everyone is expected to be high output.

Has some perks from being part of Match Group, but there's still a lot of DIY.

Still has a bit of the startupy feel: open office, scrappy, video games being played after hours.

Business is very solid, and roadmap is defined in-house.

Sports and Games :: Women select for numerous traits, one of which is looks.

Cons There seems to be a lack of communication, organization, and management.

The lack of any real project management makes a lot of people completely unaccountable for their work.

Pros Ok Cupid was a very cushy place to work, pays very well, good benefits, and start-upy perks (free breakfasts, once-a-week lunch provided by the company, etc).

There are a lot of smart people working at the company.

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