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Other such rooms were occupied by Hitler's secretaries and a few close guests, mainly Eva's friends (diplomatic guests were housed in Villa Bechstein or the Gstehaus Hoher Gll on the Obersalzberg, or the Berchtesgadener Hof in town, or the Kleheim Palace in Salzburg).

On the right, the Berghof dining room, with its decorative cembra pine paneling (Swiss stone pine).

Some sources say the painting on the wall represented Eva, perhaps with her face painted onto a model's body by artist Adolf Ziegler.

However, this original painting still exists, and the face doesn't really resemble Eva (or Gretl either).

The dining room was located in the eastern extension of the Berghof building.

Hitler sat in the middle of the table on the right, facing the windows and the view of the Untersberg mountains.

The Gobelin tapestry on the east wall was removed to uncover the film projection openings, and the tapestry on the opposite wall was removed to use the wall behind as a screen.

Completing the circuit around the Great Room led to the front (north) wall with its famous grand picture window.

Two views from the covered balcony on the second floor of the Berghof (what Americans would call the third floor).In the view on the left, the large picture window has been lowered into the basement.These period color postcards show how Haus Wachenfeld with its small terrace (on the left) was incorporated into the Berghof, with its enlarged terrace added to the front and side, over the larger garage.The original version of this colorized (and cropped) postcard identifies this room as simply a Berghof guest room.It is sometimes identified today as Eva Braun's living room (although there was no such "living room" in the Berghof), but it actually served as Gretl Braun's bedroom (called the Trkenzimmer because of its view of Haus Trken).

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