Boonex community software dating and social networking scripts

Of their vast library Boonex Dolphin is their most prominent release.

Dolphin 7 is the latest release in their free open source software package.

My Space and Facebook are two prime examples, although there are many lesser known companies such as Friendster and Hi5.

Among the many media types you’ll find images, articles, threaded forums, user profiles, and video uploads.

Particularly some of the newer additions are very eye-catching as they haven’t been seen elsewhere.

These include in-page messenger (such as Facebook IM), shoutbox, file storage, and mobile communication.

I believe that this is as good as it gets – a secondary market that offers you real choice without messing with development process of the software.

Your social networking site could be entirely bare with just a users directory of profiles and links.All modules – chat, messenger, audio and video players, plugins and apps are included.Building own community website is reality with Dophin smart community builder.The results are astounding based upon the many social news and media websites.Boonex offers tons of demo links for the curious mind of web developers.

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In spite of the availability of numerous social networks and some of them like Facebook and My Space being insanely popular, you may sometimes feel a need to have a network of your own where you decide what features it should have and you create the community rules.

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